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Esta es una página de documentación autogenerada de la API de MediaWiki.

Documentación y ejemplos: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/API

action=linkaccount (link)

(main | linkaccount)
  • Este módulo requiere permisos de escritura.
  • Este módulo solo acepta solicitudes POST.
  • Fuente: MediaWiki
  • Licencia: GPL-2.0-or-later

Vincular una cuenta de un proveedor de terceros para el usuario actual.

The general procedure to use this module is:

  1. Fetch the fields available from action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo with amirequestsfor=link, and a csrf token from action=query&meta=tokens.
  2. Present the fields to the user, and obtain their submission.
  3. Post to this module, supplying linkreturnurl and any relevant fields.
  4. Check the status in the response.
    • If you received PASS or FAIL, you're done. The operation either succeeded or it didn't.
    • If you received UI, present the new fields to the user and obtain their submission. Then post to this module with linkcontinue and the relevant fields set, and repeat step 4.
    • If you received REDIRECT, direct the user to the redirecttarget and wait for the return to linkreturnurl. Then post to this module with linkcontinue and any fields passed to the return URL, and repeat step 4.
    • If you received RESTART, that means the authentication worked but we don't have a linked user account. You might treat this as UI or as FAIL.

Only use these authentication requests, by the id returned from action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo with amirequestsfor=link or from a previous response from this module.

Separar los valores con | o con una alternativa.
Maximum number of values is 50 (500 for clients allowed higher limits).

Formato utilizado para los mensajes devueltos.

Uno de los siguientes valores: html, none, raw, wikitext
Predeterminado: wikitext

Combinar la información de los campos para todas las peticiones de autentificación en una matriz.

Type: boolean (details)

Return URL for third-party authentication flows, must be absolute. Either this or linkcontinue is required.

Upon receiving a REDIRECT response, you will typically open a browser or web view to the specified redirecttarget URL for a third-party authentication flow. When that completes, the third party will send the browser or web view to this URL. You should extract any query or POST parameters from the URL and pass them as a linkcontinue request to this API module.


This request is a continuation after an earlier UI or REDIRECT response. Either this or linkreturnurl is required.

Type: boolean (details)

A "csrf" token retrieved from action=query&meta=tokens

Este parámetro es obligatorio.
This module accepts additional parameters depending on the available authentication requests. Use action=query&meta=authmanagerinfo with amirequestsfor=link (or a previous response from this module, if applicable) to determine the requests available and the fields that they use.